Wildlife Control Reviews

Pleased with Pest Team Six work they did for me. Nothing fun about having a squirrel in your home walls, chewing on our pipes and wires! Called around but decided to go with this company because the office was well informed and knowledgeable about what services I would receive. They scheduled me the next day, technician communicated with me about what he was going to do and how my problem was going to be solved. He went in threw a port and noticed squirrel waste and ended up catching the squirrel in a trap and removed and relocated the animal to a better area. I got the waste cleaned up too. It's been awhile now and i have yet to hear or see any squirrels! Satisfied with the work. Will call them again if I ever have any other issues.
Sam L.

Littleton, Colorado

FANTASTIC company to hire, I called them out for a inspection of my attic after my husband and I started hearing huge pounding noises coming from the ceiling. A wildlife tech came out, He was professional and a really nice and understanding guy and unquestionably knew his stuff about animals. Turns out we had raccoons up there, mom and babies! He quoted me on a very reasonable and affordable price compared to all the other companies around town about removing and cleaning up my attic. They safely and humanely removed the coons (being humane to animals is a huge deal to me) to a new area and cleaned out my dirty insulation and revitalized my attic! When my husband and I went back up there, it looked like a brand new attic like when our house was brand new again! Also, another great thing that is important to me is using family owned companies so I loved that they were on that personal level. I will recommend to everyone including family and friends!
Jo K.

Denver, Colorado

Garter snakes! Garter snakes everywhere near my house and in my backyard!! I called two different companies scheduled with the first one for snake trapping. They said they would trap all the snakes and take them away. I called Pest team six and they also offered trapping, however it also included checking my home and a snake spray on the property to keep them away once they were trapped so I cancelled with the other company. My pest team tech Bret was out yesterday and was actually able to catch one with his pole. He set these funny looking traps and sure enough today a snake or two is in all of the traps but one. Hopefully I'm snake free soon. Looks good so far! FYI: the tech asked if I could leave feedback on my experience. So i was more than happy to.
Mark L.

Aurora, Colorado

What an EXPERIENCE! A good one with Pest Team Six that is. Does that sound stupid considering it's just a service company? Well... It's just service companies that come to your house nowadays always cause some type of issue. The plumber tracks mud onto my rug, the electrician makes a rude comment about my dogs missing 4th leg. It's so refreshing to hire a professional company who actually helps you and leaves you with a smile every time you deal with them. My pest team six techs Brett and Alex were awesome at getting rid of my squirrel infestation in a ceiling portion above my master bedroom. With the way they explained everything, the way they handled themselves, and the way the office spoke to me I knew I was in good hands and was confident they would solve my problem when paying them. They did just that, and on top of that left my home cleaner and in better shape then when they arrived. No, seriously. Squirrel problem? You'd be a fool not to call this company. Have I used other companies? No, but why would I have to when Pest Team Six is this amazing. This review sounds so cheesy, but I'm just extremely impressed.
Robin L.

Denver, Colorado

When I came back to my home during the winter I discovered I had an infestation of mice in the garage. They chewed into boxes and covered dog food. I called Pest Team Six out for a quote. Outed me for extermination and sealing off the garage corner where mice were getting through. Safe to say all mice are gone and have not seen one in a few days. Fingers crossed. Thanks Pest Team Six!
Sven M.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Thankful I found pest team six, my rabbit problem has been terrible for years. They found them in my crawlspace so they removed the rabbits, they had tunneled in there. Also removed the animal waste and closed off the points of entry the rabbits had been using. The best thing about the whole thing is my kids love the rabbits and this company is humane so this made my kids and I very happy and the rabbits!
Astrid R.

Lone Tree, Colorado