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Since 1994, Nuisance Wildlife Operators America has been focused on complete customer satisfaction while implementing the most safe and humane methods of wildlife removal and relocation. Armed with a team of wildlife biologists and certified nuisance wildlife control specialists, Nuisance Wildlife Operators America’s initial visit consists of a 67 point property inspection where they will identify and document all signs of wildlife damage. Once the issue is identified, our professional Utah technicians will humanely remove any invading animals and repair the damage the creatures caused.

All repairs are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If an animal manages to breach a repair and re-inhabit a serviced area, Nuisance Wildlife Operators America promises to trap the intruder and repair the damage again for free. This is why Nuisance Wildlife Operators America has an A+ rating on Angie’s List and with the Better Business Bureau.

Nuisance Wildlife Operators America of Salt Lake City Utah is your local wildlife pest removal expert proudly serving the greater metropolitan area of Utah including Murray, Riverton, West Jordan, Tooele, West Valley City, Sandy, Draper, Heber City, Park City, Holladay, Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Centerville, Woods Cross, Farmington, Layton, Syracuse, Clearfield, Sunset, Roy, South Ogden, Ogden, North Ogden, Perry, Brigham City, Midvale and Provo UT.

Here are just a few of the wildlife removal services that Nuisance Wildlife Operators America provides:

Salt Lake City Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in Utah are not particularly aggressive animals, but like other rodents, they can cause property damage by chewing through stucco, drywall and wires as they look for a safe, warm place to establish their nests. Generally in attics inside your home or business. They carry harmful parasites like fleas and ticks that carry diseases like bubonic plague. They also use your homes or businesses attic as a restroom defecating and soiling the insulation and after a while staining ceilings and walls.

Squirrels tend to be elusive and nest their young in hard-to-reach areas inside attics and walls. Our Salt Lake City squirrel removal professionals can remove and relocate entire colonies from walls, attics and other indoor spaces and then seal off all points of entry ensuring future squirrels do not get inside.

Salt Lake City Raccoon Removal

Raccoons have become a serious problem in urban areas across the state. Though they are not native to Utah, estimates suggest that 60-70% of all urban wildlife problems in the state are caused by raccoons. Highly intelligent and quickly adaptable, raccoons create their nests in attics and chimneys and scavenge through trash cans for food. Though they may seem cute, raccoons can create serious property damage, as well expose humans and other animals to a number of diseases and parasites, including rabies and roundworms. As well as defecating your home or business attic or roof.

Raccoons are very smart animals and are usually not deterred by repellents or scare tactics and may out smart traps set by inexperienced homeowners. Our Salt Lake City raccoon removal specialists are the most effective solution to a raccoon problem, as they can quickly and safely trap and relocate the animals far away. Our certified and trained technicians can then repair all points of entry ensuring future wildlife do not get back in.

Salt Lake City Bat Removal

The most common species of bat found in Utah is the big brown bat, but there are about seventeen other species that live in the state at different times of the year. Bats play an integral role in the state’s ecosystem and economy, as they feed on many species of insects that cause damage to timber and agriculture. Though they are important to rural ecosystems, they are a nuisance in urban areas like Salt Lake City.

Generally, bats are not aggressive toward humans, but they can still transmit diseases like rabies and respiratory fungal diseases like histoplasmosis as they use your attic for roosting they spread guano and urine inside the insulation thus spreading through your home or businesses air causing airborne disease spores that are then inhaled which is why homeowners should get them removed as soon as possible. As bats are protected by Utah state law, but our Salt Lake City bat removal professionals can evict bats from your home or businesses attic, patio, deck or other roosting site and seal off all points of entry to make sure future problems do not occur.