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Nuisance Wildlife Operators America provides professional wildlife removal services for Chicago, Illinois and surrounding metro areas including: Aurora, Joliet, Naperville, Cicero, Arlington Heights and Waukegan. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America has helped thousands of homeowners and businesses safely and humanely remove wildlife from unwanted areas since 1994. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America specializes in squirrel removal, raccoon removal, bat removal, opossum removal, bird removal, rat removal, skunk removal, bird removal and other nuisance wildlife that enter into a home or structure.

The trained and certified Nuisance Wildlife Operators America professionals use a signature 67 Point Roof to Ground Inspection that ensures we find all points of entry the offending animals are using to breach the structure so we are able to completely seal them off, thus stopping the animals from getting back in after the animals are removed and relocated far away. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America has been Chicago’s number one rated wildlife removal services for over 20 years. If you have a nuisance wildlife issue rest assured our pros can resolve it.

We specialize in the Wildlife Removal and Control of animals such as: squirrels, bats, raccoons, opossums, snakes, beaver, birds, chipmunks, coyotes, dead animals, foxes, gophers, ground squirrels, woodchucks, mice, moles, muskrats, pigeons, rabbits, rattlesnakes, reptiles, rodents, skunks, woodpeckers and other nuisance animals that breach into a home or structure.

Nuisance Wildlife Operators America has wildlife removal down to a science in Chicago. There’s a reason why we’re the regions largest wildlife management and pest control company! We emphasize safe and humane removal of nuisance wildlife while emplementing Eco-friendly and organic pest control and rodent control that’s safe around homes and businesses. We never use harmful poisons or pesticides. AAAC certified technicians use the latest in wildlife remove technology using thermal camera imaging, specialized snake cameras and specialized animal tracking methods to locate different creatures in tight spaces.

Chicago Squirrel Removal

One of Nuisance Wildlife Operators America’s popular services is Chicago Squirrel Removal. Squirrels love to breach into homes and structures, including: Attics, Crawlspaces, Walls, Sheds, Basements, and other structures squirrels can find entry ways into. Initially our wildlife technicians perform a certified 67 point inspection from the roof to the ground to determine all entry points the squirrels are using to get inside the home, business or structure. This is crucial so that our wildlife technicians can seal up the home at a future date once all wildlife are removed so the problem does not reoccur. From their our wildlife technicians can begin trapping all squirrels and relocate them far away. After all squirrels are removed and relocated the home can be sealed up and repaired so future problems do not occur. This is the only complete solution for Chicago Squirrel Removal.

Chicago Raccoon Removal

Chicago RaccoonNuisance Wildlife Operators America also specializes in Chicago raccoon removal that is safe, humane and effective. Nuisance Raccoons are able to breach into attics, eaves, roofs and chimneys to set up residence often having their young inside. It is important to get rid of wildlife inside as quickly as possible, as they cause severe damage to the inside of attics, roofs, and exterior structures of your home or business. They are known to carry rabies and are a threat to any person or animal that inhabits a home or business. Their fecal and urine can carry many different parasites as well. Those who have raccoons getting into their residence and terrorizing their well being can be rest assured that Nuisance Wildlife Operators America will handle the issue in an entirely humane way, trapping and relocating all wildlife far away and sealing up your home with wildlife proof materials so future occurrences do not happen. Every wildlife technician at Nuisance Wildlife Operators America is trained and certified and able to assist a home or business owner so that all of their needs are met. If you believe you’re in need of Chicago raccoon removal be sure to contact Nuisance Wildlife Operators America in a timely fashion to have any invading wildlife removed and evicted.

Chicago Bat Removal

A very important service that AAAC provides is Chicago Bat Removal. Bats in the greater metro areas of Chicago love getting into tight crevices on homes, buildings, and other structures. Once the bats are able to find a space no smaller than the size of a dime they can breach into attics, eves, roofs, soffits, chimneys and other parts of the structure where they can roost and begin building a colony. Once inside the bats are constantly dropping guano(fecal), which contains bat bugs and is also the cause of respiratory diseases to residents such as histoplasmosis. They’re droppings are extremely dangerous to all residents of the structure. Bats must be removed and evicted safely and humanely to ensure the well being of occupants as well as following Federal and State laws since bat are protected under Federal Law. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America begins by inspecting the structure with our signature 67 point written inspection to determine every point of entry the bats are using to breach inside so once all bats are removed Nuisance Wildlife Operators America can seal up these cracks, crevices, holes and voids. From there AAAC starts by evicting all bats from the structure, once all bats are removed Nuisance Wildlife Operators America technicians are able to seal up all entry points on the home or structure to ensure future bats cannot get back in. This is the only complete solution to Chicago Bat Removal to ensure the problem does not reoccur. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America also offers cleanup and desensitizing services for all left behind droppings and decontaminated insulation.

Chicago Skunk Removal

Skunk RemovalSkunks are often found living under decks, porches and hideaways around the house. They may spray anywhere they feel threatened, and may attacks pets. They’ll dig holes in your backyard and are a general nuisance. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America Chicago skunk removal experts use specially designed cages and other methods to safely remove the skunk from your property. It’s often the case that skunks get trapped down windows, wells or basements. Professionals can come to your home and help free the critter, and relocate it to a new home. An expert will evaluate your home and provide tips on how to prevent skunks from choosing your home. Once a skunk is trapped, we move it to an area where it’s not threatened or a nuisance to people. Skunks scavenge at night, and forage for food in the form of insects, plants and animal matter. They’re found sleeping during the day and may communicate with each other through scent marking. However, you can’t keep skunks away using repellent sprays or powders, and the best way to remove a skunk is by hiring a Chicago wildlife removal specialist.

Chicago Opossum Removal

Nuisance Wildlife Operators America’s wildlife experts warn against do-it-yourself pest removal, especially with opossums. They look like giant rats with a pointed snout and skinny tail. It isn’t an intelligent species, so you may think it’s easy to trap. They can be quite dangerous though. They’re classified as pests because of their habits of scavenging and invading peoples homes. They get into attics and under houses, which results in the theft of pet and bird food. They can spread disease and drive dogs and cats nuts. Our Chicago opossum removal experts will trap them and safely move them. It requires a professional to trap an opossum since if you’re not careful you may injure yourself or the animal. Once you trap the animal, you must legally remove and relocate the animal. Professionals wildlife control experts have the experience and it’s recommended you contact Nuisance Wildlife Operators America. An opossum is a naturally nomadic and opportunistic animal. They’ll rummage through dumpsters, create noise and damage your property. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America is the best solution to your opossum problem.

Chicago Woodpecker Control

Chicago WoodpeckerWoodpecker removal is a delicate process that requires care to avoid hurting the animals. Woodpeckers can cause damage to the roof, house, deck, chimney and various other structures around the house. Woodpeckers may peck for any number of reasons. They may drum to make noise to attract a mate or advertise that they have claimed territory. The noise can be problematic for residents and may lead to problems such as improper drainage and property damage. Another reason woodpeckers peck is because they are looking for food. These birds peck into wood looking for beetles, larvae and other pests. Finally, woodpeckers might hollow out areas for nesting. This can cause significant damage to a home. A professional Nuisance Wildlife Operators America Chicago woodpecker control expert can help you deter woodpeckers and relocate birds. By removing the pests that provide them with food, the woodpeckers will likely go elsewhere to find their next meal. Other specialized techniques can also work, such as scare tactics, reflections, movement and coverings. Removing trees near your house may be one option. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America is another option.

Chicago Rat Removal

Rats are one of the oldest pests and have been plaguing mankind since the existence of civilization. Using a wildlife Chicago rat removal expert to remove rats is often the safest option. Rats are difficult to remove because they live in attics, between the walls, and even in the kitchen area. As they’re known carriers of disease, they create an unsafe environment for other animals. The best way to remove rats is by hiring a professional and then complete any necessary repairs to avoid re-infestation. Rat trapping and removal is a specialized process that requires a multi-tiered approach to extermination. It’s important to check the entire home, so that all the rats are removed. Every seal, crack and opening in your home is a potential entry point for rats. Once they make a nest, they tend to burrow in deeper and can cause harm to your electrical system, insulation and other parts of your home. Repairs to the house are often needed after a serious rat infestation, so it’s important to get the rats removed as quickly as possible to reduce damage to the home. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America professionals will seal up any holes and then trap the rats to ensure that new rats don’t gain access.