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Rely on the Nuisance Wildlife Operators America Atlanta Wildlife Removal Experts. Our certified wildlife technicians safely and humanely remove nuisance wildlife from your home and then during our signature 67 point inspection we find all areas the wildlife were using to breach into your home or business and seal off all points of entry ensuring future wildlife do not get back in. Best of all our seal up comes with a lifetime guarantee! Every property owner needs peace of mind. That means being able to live without disturbances from wild animals. There is no reason why you should keep hearing strange noises at night or cleaning up after droppings. Bats, squirrels, raccoons and many other pests are found in many home and work environments. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America service providers in Atlanta, Georgia are there to assist you in your wildlife removal endeavors.

We specialize in the Wildlife Control and Removal of species such as: rats, bats, raccoons, opossums, snakes, squirrels, armadillos, beaver, birds, blackbirds, bobcats, chipmunks, coyotes, crows, dead animals, deer, foxes, gophers, ground squirrels, lizards, mice, moles, muskrats, pigeons, rabbits, rattlesnakes, reptiles, rodents, skunks, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers and many more.

Nuisance Wildlife Operators America services the surrounding Atlanta, GA metro areas and the greater metropolitan areas of Acworth, Arcade, Athens, Alpharetta, Auburn, Auraria, Austell, Avondale, Avondale Estates, Ball Ground, Barnesville, Big Canoe, Belvedere, Berkeley Lake, Bethlehem, Bishop, Bogart, Bolingbroke, Bowdon, Braselton, Bremen, Bostwick, Brookhaven, Buchanan, Buckhead, Buford, Butler, Calhoun, Canton, Carl, Carrollton, Cartersville, Cave Spring, Cedartown, Centerville, Chatsworth, Chattahoochee Hills, Clarkston, Cloudland, College Park, Columbus, Conley, Covington, Culloden, Cumberland, Dacula, Dahlonega, Dallas, Dawsonville, Decatur, Douglasville, Druid Hills, Duluth, Dunaire, Dunwoody, East Point, Eatonton, Ellijay, Eton, Fairburn, Fayetteville, Five Forks, Flovilla, Forest Park, Forsyth, Fort Oglethorpe, Franklinton, Gay, Gainesville, Geneva, Gray, Grayson, Greenville, Griffin, Haddock, Hapeville, Hiram, Hardwick, Holly Springs, Hoschton, Indian Springs, Irwinton, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Jeffersonville, Jenkinsburg, Johns Creek, Junction City, Juliette, Juno, Kennesaw, Knoxville, Lakeview, Lafayette, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Lindale, Livingston, Lizella, Loganville, Lone Oak, Luthersville, Lyerly, Mableton, Macon, Madison, Manchester, Marietta, Maysville, McDonough, Menlo, Milledgeville, Milton, Monroe, Monticello, Mountain Park, Mount Berry, Mount Zion, Newnan, Norcross, North Atlanta , North Decatur, Palmetto, Payne, Peachtree City, Peachtree Corners, Pendergrass, Plainville, Powder Springs, Ranger, Redan, Red Bud, Resaca, Rest Haven, Ringgold, Rome, Roopville, Roswell , Rutledge, Sandy Springs, Scottdale, Shady Dale, Shannon, Silver Creek, Smarr, Smyrna, Snellville, Sofkee, Statham, Stockbridge, Sugar Hill, Sugar Valley, Summerville, Suwanee, Talbotton, Talmo, Temple, Thomaston, Trion, Tucker, Tunnel Hill, Tuxedo, Tyrone, Union City, Villa Rica, Vinings, Walden, Waleska, Warm Springs, Watkinsville, Whitesburg, Winder, Woodbury, Woodland, Woodstock, and Zebulon

Here are just a few of the wildlife removal services that Nuisance Wildlife Operators America provides:

Atlanta Squirrel Removal

squirrel removalSquirrels are one of the most popular species of wildlife that we are called upon to control in Atlanta. Squirrels can be found living in attics, crawlspaces and basements in homes and businesses. They also take up residence in sheds, barns, outbuildings and even in cars. If there is shelter they will seek it! Nuisance Wildlife Operators America Atlanta squirrel removal professionals can determine through our 67 point certified inspection where and how these pesky critters are getting in to your home or business and initiate a trapping program to capture and take away invading squirrels. Then we repair all points of entry ensuring future squirrels will not get back in. Atlanta squirrel removal professionals use only safe and humane ways to evict, trap and relocate invading squirrels far away ensuring they do not return. After taking all invading wildlife out, we can then repair all damage and completely seal the home or business off to ensure future problems do not occur.

Atlanta Raccoon Removal

Raccoons in Georgia invade homes and business by tearing into attics, crawlspaces and even basements. Atlanta raccoon removal experts know that these animals act like bandits and make messes anywhere they can find shelter or food. Raccoon’s can cause massive damage to your home or businesses exterior. Raccoons are also carriers of many diseases including rabies putting you and your family at risk. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America Atlanta raccoon removal experts have the knowledge and skills to completely remove all raccoon’s in a humane way and repair all damage and entry points ensuring future problems will not occur.

Atlanta Bat Removal

wild bat removalBats are guaranteed to be menaces that disrupt your normal way of life. The infestation of bats and extreme summer temperatures can irritate any homeowner. Find Atlanta bat removal professionals who remove pests effectively and humanely. Choose Atlanta bat removal services that allow you to have better peace of mind. Nuisance Wildlife Operators America experts can drive out bats from any part of your house, whether it be an attic, patio, or somewhere else bats will roost. Handling the problem yourself is not recommended. Swatting at bats or driving them out with extreme force could lead to sudden bites. Even if you are gentle with the creatures, there is no guarantee that they will move peacefully. Let the professionals take care of this serious situation for you.

Using a professional wildlife removal service like Nuisance Wildlife Operators America is the best choice you can make. Our certified 67 point inspections ensure we find all areas on your home or business that the bats are using to either roost or get inside and we completely seal off using special materials and evict the bats from these areas. Rely on the Nuisance Wildlife Operators America when you need removal options in Atlanta. We use the safest, most effective methods to get rid of different wild animals and ensure they do not come back or get inside again.

Atlanta Rat Removal

Rats can often make a great pet for some, but as a wild animal it can be invasive and become a serious problem. Wild rats are carriers of disease and they cause significant damage, waste and destruction in your home. They can overrun your private living space, getting into stored foods, gnawing through walls, boxes, sheetrock, wires or anything they can with their extremely strong teeth and jaws. These survivors will do whatever they need to take over your home.

Rats can get into your home through the tiniest openings and if not removed quickly, the problem can escalate since they are constant and speedy breeders. The Atlanta Wildlife Removal experts can help you with your rat infestations and concerns. We can get rid of the invaders through our professional methods to your satisfaction. If you hear unusual noises and scratching in your attic or within the walls around you, it could be a sign that rats have invaded your home. Give us a call for your peace of mind.

Atlanta Opossum Removal

opossum-removalThe opossum is a wandering animal that looks for the best opportunity to make itself at home in your house, especially a female that has youngsters. They can cause a lot of destruction as they search for food. They will eat almost anything, although their favorite is meat and are known to consume road kill and dead carcasses in the wild. They can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs to your home.

The opossum is considered to be nocturnal although it is not unusual for them to be a little “frisky” and a real nuisance even during daytime hours. They are not very swift when moving around and can become dangerous if threatened by exposing those extremely sharp teeth. They will in fact “play dead” in some situations.

No one invites an opossum into their home, but it’s evident that they can find their way into your house, deck, patio, cars and parked RVs, often times to build a nest. If this occurs, those animals will be returning year after year to that spot. The opossum is a rabid animal that presents a threat to you, your family and home. We at the Atlanta Wildlife Removal have experts who can humanely remove these critters from your home and property, relieving you of any further infestation. Let us help you in opossum control.

Atlanta Snake Removal

Although some snakes are beneficial to our planet and the great majority of them are not dangerous or venomous, no one wants to find these slithering critters sharing their living space. Even if not venomous, most can be carriers of salmonella, letting off an offensive bacterial odor.

As with other animals, the snake may make its way into your home in search for food. They can enter through any small opening in or around the home. Removing them should be left to the experts like those at the Nuisance Wildlife Operators America. We have the knowledge and proper techniques to identify the type of snake, trap them and control them from reentry. Since these critters never stay in one place for long, your home will be thoroughly inspected. We first determine why the snake(s) entered your home; such as searching for food, shelter or water. A plan can then be put into place in finding, removing and developing measures to prevent the return of the snake(s).

It’s vital that you turn to a professional for snake removal, like our licensed and experienced experts. You have our full guarantee that we’ll restore your peace of mind with a snake-free home.

Atlanta Armadillo Removal

nine-banded-armadillo-1260512977382807hVThe Armadillos are nocturnal and seem to stir around more during late night hours, although their eyesight is very poor. They excel in digging and destroy your yard and home. They are known to burrow under the foundation, leading to expensive repairs for the homeowner.

These animals are one of the few that can transmit leprosy, while also carrying rabies and salmonella. Armadillos can move quickly and when frightened can jump up as high as two feed straight up in the air. They are not very welcome to your home and property since they burrow in lawns and gardens, uprooting many of your outdoor treasures. They can also get caught in window wells where they often die because they cannot climb.

If you find sings of an Armadillo around the foundation of your home, lawn, or gardens contact us. We can help you get rid of these critters. Do not attempt to remove these animals yourself. Our experts are educated and licensed to remove the Armadillo in a safe humane manner, typically through trapping methods. Trust in our guarantee to protect your home and property.